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Lutron Lighting

As a leader in the fast-growing and ever changing market, Lutron provides the perfect solution for any size home, and any budget, whether you’re building a new home or want to upgrade your existing one.

Lutron Shades

With Lutron shade control solutions we can enhance your lifestyle, improve comfort, and add convenience. Plus, you can control any of our systems from your mobile device, from wherever you are.

Home Automation

Control Your Home With a single Touch
or a simple voice command. Weather you’re at home or away you can control your home’s lighting, security, shades, entertainment, and climate control with a single tap or press of a button on your smart device or Savant remote.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Design & Propose
  • Agree & Install
  • Service & Maintain
During our first conversation, usually over phone, we will set up a time to meet with all parties involved, i.e. husband and wife, property owner, etc. at your home or project site.  During this meeting we evaluate the existing conditions of your new or existing systems.  We will discover what your goals and visions are concerning your project and walk through the areas to be altered to discover what opportunities and challenges exist.  At this time we can discuss what is and isn’t working with your current configuration and go over ways to achieve your project expectations. Also, it is at this first meeting that we will discuss budget or budget ranges.  There are many ways to design projects and many different materials to choose from.  If we can work out a budget range, We can design a project to meet your personal and financial goals.

A few days after our initial meeting, we will send you a detailed proposal and in for some projects an initial drawing based on the first meeting, after we have had a chance to process the information. At this stage I will present a detailed description of your project followed by a fixed price for the planned construction.  Here we will review all phases of the project to establish that each party involved sees their input and desires represented.  Once the price is agreed upon we will discuss scheduling and a time frame for installation. We are happy to work with you and ANY questions you may have to ensure we collectively establish clear exceptions of each other. It is our goal to find a design that meets the budget and desires of our client with no “surprises” along the way.

At this point all parties have agreed on a clear scope of work, plans, and costs.  It is at this stage that we will present a contract outlining the work to be performed, the time frame of the job, a payment schedule based upon phases of job completion.  This agreement also authorizes us to obtain permits and order any time sensitive material required to launch the initial Phase of your project.  This is a time to review the contract with us, but we also encourage clients to take a couple days to review the details before signing.  We understand that control systems can be a considerable investment and we believe all contractual decisions should be taken with time and care to ensure clarity for both parties. After the signing of our contract, we will do a pre-construction walk thorough with those involved in the first phases and verify that all is ready to proceed.

We’re living in an era where technology is evolving at a rapid pace. But even the highest quality IT and operational infrastructure can’t manage itself – at least not to our high standards. That’s why we maintain a comprehensive range of managed solutions in addition to our installation services. Supported with the best technology and unmatched infrastructure experts, our added support help assures the performance, security, scalability and continuity of your outsourced solution.